Sunday, March 12, 2017

Have i met My Target in 2016, or it is just a dream ?!

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

I’m back! Hihi. Well I didn’t really missing most of your updates actually. I’ve been a silent reader for the past MONTHS. So what is up with me suddenly had the urge to update my blog?

I’m actually going throught my archives and look around on my previous posts. Suddenly I went through that one post about me talking what should I achieve in 2016. Tengok punya tengok sekali I really met all the targets.

Believe me i’m impressed. I didn’t really plan to have it all met by 2016 but yes I did it. If you havent read my previous post. CLICK HERE TO GET A GLANCE OF

Let go through one by one shall we?

If I’m not mistaken, there are 5 things that I really want to achieve in 2016. Setting those traget did really stressed me sometimes. Tapi alahai macam tak biasa when your target tak tercapai on that particular year. HAHA

Honestly I did mentoned that I’m not the type of person who will spend my money for gadgets. Especially phones. Tapi not saying that I must catch up with technology tapi keperluan pekerjaan makes me think that I need to. I constantly work out from the office at the same time I need myself to keep track on emails. Since I’ve been using macbook, I thought having iphone make sense. Tapi sayang waktu i eyeing on iphone 6S tiba tiba iphone 7 keluar dah and now believe me iphone 8 coming out next. How Apple trying to make iphone 5 looked seasoned. Pandai betul buat duit dorang ni. ANYWAYS! I at last get my hands on iphone 7 and I does help me a lot. Kudos to me after crying in the shower for spending it on something that I would think twice, KINI I dah semakin tenang sekarang. HAHA JOKING.

Since husband kerja nun bertentangan dengan isterinya, I terpaksa drive sendiri pergi kerja. Sebab husband kita naik motor handsome dia. I finally get my own car and do realized that owning a car is pretty much a DISASTER. HAHA seriously if you want to own a car, try to consult with your brother or sister yang tengah memikirkan untuk beli kereta lebih besar and say you can take over their old car rather that they sell it to stranger. When you have to sambung bayar it is much better. Rather than owning a  new car. Believe me.

Okay pretty much it is hard for me to judge myself do I really met this target. Well i’m pretty much believe that this is not a target. This is pretty much changing for good. You know, being married is pretty much a whole new world for you. There are much more responsibility which you need to open up to. Being a working wife, having husband and soon a child will change you overall. I feel loved and blessed when Allah granted me with lovely husband and family who always do support me when I’m pretty much weak to stand on my own and thinking to give up.  Apapun make yourself closer to GOD. In sha Allah semuanya akan berkat :)

Haha talking about new job and new salary. Ting ting! Target met. I currently working at my new place and find myself happy so far meeting new people and colleagues. Still in the same field which is TV content world. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki anak agaknya I started since mid last year. Next target, upgrade position and experience !

Haha I went way beyond. I’m married and soon becoming a mother in sha Allah. Actually by posting this entry, I’m currently waiting for my due date next week. Nervous yet excited. :) pray for my smooth deliver ya guys.

So far Alhamdulillah, I met everything. I shall share with you guys on my next target if  you want, do let me know! Also, share with me if you have anything similar that you have achieved so far.  I would love to know more!

Thanks for reading guys!
Till Then.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It's 2017, and where have i been?

Hey Hi Hello Guys.

HAHA Gladly say i'm still here Alhamdulillah. I know. It's been quite a while kan which i think my last post were in July 2016. Lama tu. Everything has change for the last few months. Changing career, being 7 months pregnant, moving in and out is the least reason i can say why i'm not able to keep this blog updated. Banyak yang tergendala.

But i would like to take this chance to say Welcome 2017 and wondering how are you guys doing do far? I missed blogging so much seriously. I was thinking, usually i try not to missed any monthly blogpost since it's a cliche ritual yet i did. At least i would want to post this just to know that you guys are still here. 

If you were to ask what is my new year resolution, i can bet you pretty much, i did not set anything yet for this year. I will maybe soon but not for now. Please, do share what is your new year resolution with me and who knows i do get inspired to do the same. 

pardon my short update and hoping i did get my time to keep this blog update. :) Thank for being here. 

Thanks for reading. Till Then. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LAZADA Unboxing Series 1: 10pcs Professional Make up Brushes!

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Selamat Hari Raya ! Howwas your Raya btw? Mine was great so far and surprise ..surprise I’m still on my annual leave. HAHA tak nak kalah kan cuti.

I was wondering if you guys would love to see a new Raya Series that I would like to share with you from LAZADA. And for this series item is something that I believe raved for quite awhile and I think most girl who love make up has. I’m not sure what is the real brand of this and who created this amazing brush, yet this brushes are the BALM!

You can see it look like a professional high quality brush set, which includes all the basics you need for daily application. It made from a soft synthetic hair, which provides superb ability to hold powder, soft and pleasing for the skin without irritation. To know further details the fiber Length is approx. 1.2cm to 4cm and the total brush length are approximately 16.5cm to 17.5cm.  The retail price areat RM36.85 and you will get 14 days LAZADA warranty. This brush came a long with 15 colors concealer Palette that’s has the most commonly applied shades.  

The packages they send to e are definitely neat and full with protection. It was bubbled wrap. Honestly I was jump up and down when received the package just like kid get her candy. I don’t know what was with the brush but I just can’t believe that at last I get my hand on these brushes. Just saying that I received the package safely and everything are in a good condition. For the timeline, I supposed to receive it around 3 days but I received just the day after. It was impressive how fast their service is. But does their product do great things too?

It will be revealed in another entry!
For more details Visit their website
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